A Love History

We are Iberian Representatives / Distributors (exclusive) from Intager – manufacturers of the innovative and technologically most sophisticated LASERTAG equipment system. LaserTag Games is an innovative activity in Portugal that has reached very high levels of success in Australia, the United States and a little throughout Europe, emerging as an alternative to Paint-Ball, since for those who participate it is physically harmless, integrates more number and type of players, privileging tactics and strategy of game, stimulating more adventure and adrenaline, consequently. All the equipment works with rechargeable batteries, which allows the quick and easy replacement, when they finish their useful life, going against what our customers are looking for in terms of gameplay and practicality. Vision and Positioning …”We are a company attentive to the market and informed about the technologies in vogue at the global level, we focus on customer satisfaction, from a partnership perspective, so we are committed daily to the forefront, combined with quality and technological innovation, so that we can offer more value to our customers / business partners in how they respond to the market in terms of competitive and profitable solutions. ” Our Mission …”We work based on a culture of partnership with the client, providing an innovative approach and offering guarantees of satisfaction, we treat each case as unique, offering a personalized and tailor-made service, always taking into account individual specificities of business.” The promisse…”We are aware of the current market conditions, because we believe that the solutions are to increase the range of services offered by our customers, with an optimal price / quality ratio, we want to be proactive, dynamic, creative, close and with a posture of fellowship superior, because it is on their problems that we study the solutions, through the support and after-sales service of excellence, in which we guarantee updates and technical assistance throughout the Iberian territory. ” Because…”We believe in the value of our offer, which, compared to other activities, is broadly broader in terms of player types, strategically more stimulating, safe, ecological and highly profitable.”

TugaNatura Eventos

TugaNatura Eventos is a Laser-Adventures group company. Focused on in-door and out-door activities ……